aerdisc efficiency provides massive energy savings

Aeration energy often accounts for the greatest consumption of electricity in a wastewater treatment plant.

Aeration equipment with poor efficiency accounts for the greatest waste of electricity in a wastewater treatment plant.

Inefficient aerators can commit end users to decades of excessive power consumption because often there is a reluctance to retire equipment whilst it remains serviceable.

Enormous power savings are achievable when modern, high-efficiency aeration technologies are introduced.

aerdisc is often three or four times more efficient than the outmoded equipment it replaces.

Oxygen transfer efficiency is measured in kgO2/kWh, so every percentage gain in efficiency equates to the same percentage reduction in electricity consumption.

Two recent posts describe energy savings of 72% at Waitaki DC and 68% at Central Otago DC. Even more remarkable is the dramatic increase in DO and overall plant performance, whilst achieving the energy savings.