Advantages &


Save energy

aerdisc® sets a new standard of oxygen transfer efficiency with a guaranteed SAE of 2.3kgO2/kWh. Every percentage gain in efficiency equates to the same percentage reduction in energy consumption. 

Eliminate ragging

aerdisc® will not rag even when installed in unscreened, or un-dredged plants with a build-up of settled deposits. The unique disc design has no capacity to harvest rag and the pontoon design has an open discharge will nothing to intercept the flow.

Prevent short-circuiting

Maximising Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) is critical for any flow-through lagoon. Short-circuiting equates to a reduction in process volume because it reduces the theoretical average time a molecule of water should reside in the lagoon. 

Increase volume turnover

Maximising volume turnover is essential for optimum performance of any mechanically aerated lagoon. The lagoon volume divided by the total pump rate of all aerators in operation provides the turnover rate. aerdisc® has a pump rate exceeding 2.5m³/sec or 9,000m²/h.


aerdisc® will not scour the floor of earthen constructed lagoons because the high energy discharge velocity is targeted horizontally. 

Low aerosol

aerdisc® is designed to push, not lift. The reverse curvature of the disc blades ensures a smooth exit and therefore minimum carryover and water throw.

Low maintenance

aerdisc® is designed for ease of maintenance and long service intervals. The rotor bearings are sealed for life and rated for 100,000 hours. The SEW-Eurodrive geared motor features synthetic oil and Viton seals allowing 3-year oil change intervals. 

Ease of installation

aerdisc® is assembled in-situ and after the swing-arm is attached to the mooring bollard it can be lifted and placed in the lagoon. The swing-arm mounting allows aerdisc® to be installed in lagoons of any shape or size because transverse mooring cables are not required.