aerdisc® aerator impresses at two Waitaki DC plants

Thomas Prins, the Operations Supervisor, at Waitaki District Council is impressed with the performance of aerdisc® Directional Aerators; the first installed as part of the nationwide Pilot Study, and the second as an outright purchase:
“The aerdisc® aerator installed at Palmerston WWTP has significantly increased the DO even when operating only at night. Our old cage aerators were running 24/7. The plant is unscreened, but the aerator does not rag up at all, on any moving parts.
The bearings are sealed and do not require any maintenance. The swivel mounting bracket makes it very easy to pull the aerator to the side of the pond for access.
The second 7.5kW aerdisc® purchased for one of our larger oxidation ponds at Oamaru WWTP has allowed us to remove one of our old 27kW aspirator aerators.”
Both aerdisc® aerators are performing above expectations”.