WIOA Conference leads to first Pasveer Ditch installation

Last week, Aeris Global Field Services installed two aerdisc® Directional Aerators in a Pasveer Ditch at Vincentia STP for Shoalhaven Water.

The journey started when Shoalhaven Water personnel visited Aeris Global at the WIOA Conference in Canberra last November.

aerdisc® was developed primarily for pond-based treatment processes but when approached by Shoalhaven Water about the potential for utilisation in a Pasveer Ditch it warranted investigation.

Aeris Global engineers determined aerdisc® would physically fit in the Vincentia ditch and only minor modifications would be required to replace the standard swingarm with a cable mooring system.

Upon startup the results were virtually immediate with a dramatic increase in ditch velocity compared to the three adjacent ditches.

In the following days operators determined the aeration time could be halved due to the superior oxygen transfer efficiency of aerdisc®.

Please enquire about trial units for pond and ditch applications. If you have a site where low DO, odour, ragging, or short-circuiting is a problem, please consider trialing an aerdisc® and evaluating the results on a try-before-you-buy basis.

Aeris Global Field Services will mechanically install the trial aerator. At the conclusion of the 6-month trial the host will have the right to purchase, but not the obligation.

To secure an aerdisc® for your wastewater facility please reach out to Holly Byrne, our aerdisc® Trial Program Coordinator, at holly@aeris.global